Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hitting home

Ok, this one really hit home for two reasons:
My aunt died of ALS
I was raised by a single momma

I think two things after reading this. ALS is probably one of the hardest ways to die. Your body slowly deterates but your mind is fully functioning. You are trapped inside a cage you can't get out of. It's horrible and unfair, scary, heartbreaking, frusterating, just plain bad. Seeing my aunt jackie only a couple months before she passed, fully unable to speak or move...but wanting so bad to talk with Ari and catch up with us. Using a typing/recording device we were able to communite a little, but hardly enough.

And being raised by a single momma, and raising Lu for a short period of time alone and then having Coaster Boy step in I've realized just this, HOW THE HECK did she do it? With three, all under 3!! What, the what? But regardless, raising a child on your own...with this horrible disease and a child with special needs! It only makes sense to give. And it's only $25! You can do this, I can do this. We can help. And because I love Momastry and what she's doing with her bloggity blog, I had to share.

You can donate here. Read the story here.



Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

i found your blog through brooke and from reading it, i feel like like i know you a little. i love your posts and really adore this one. i have been living with ALS since 2006 and i can't imagine how this woman does it!

thanks for sharing your world through your blog. you have a beautiful family and a amazing spirit!

Heather Conniff said...

WOW, amazing - so touching. Proud to call you my sissy. xoxo

Meghan said...

Melissa! Thanks so much for leaving a comment. Totally touched me. Im thinking of you and wishing you complete peace. I want to drop kick ALS. Much love.


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