Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dear Lulu

It's been a minute since I've written you a little love letter and as I was cleaning the house I stumbled across 2 things. A book you made me for mother's day in kindergarten and a book I received from my besties full of all my best gals memories they've had with me...and it had me thinkin and teary up.

You are in 3rd grade. The same year I met (and became friends with) people I still know to this day (Rae to name one) and had so many fun memories with. She was part of this memory book I was reading and it made me realize you will probably know some of your friends you know today in high school and when you're in your 30's like Meme. And I just have to say a couple things to you.

Friendships will change. But you should never let a friendship end. No matter what, you might not be as close, and may have differences but don't let those things ruin your friendship.

Be kind. I know this is hard, when girls brag about their big houses and boats and 5 lululemon zip ups...those things don't matter. Remember Lu, when we die we don't take ANYTHING with us. So all these "things" really aren't needed and honestly don't make you cool. Your personality does that. I know this is so hard to understand now...someday when you are older it will be easier.

Be adventurous. I know I don't instill this in you very much when I say you don't have to jump off the dock if you don't want too...but I guarantee if you do, you will love it. Some of my favorite memories involve adventure (riding my bike to Zips, sneaking a rated R movie, staying in AZ when my mom flew home).

Be spontaneous. Again, some of my favorite memories are when I just do something that isn't planned. Again, hard for you little rule followers but I encourage you to sometimes just do something that isn't routine and this doesn't include not brushing your teeth in the morning.

Love. Hard. Love. Big. Love. Fierce.

Be honest. The biggest lie I told to my friends...surfaced years later when my best friend started dating her hubby.  Honestly is so important and always ends up biting you in your firm booty later.

Hug your friends. I am getting better at this. I wasn't a big hugger, but now...I think it's so important to hug those you care about. Hug your hubby. Hug your momma. Hug everyone. No one gets annoyed of a hugger.

Be confident. So important. You are an amazing little person. Your heart is so big, you follow the rules, you love animals. You LOVE facts. Be proud of who you are. I am.

Forgive. Forgive. Forgive.

Dance. Probably one of my favorite things to do. Even at home, alone. Just dance. Especially with your girls. Best type of dancing is with your girls.

I love you little Lu. My little pumpkin patch. My little girl who keeps saying: I'm almost as tall as you.


PS. I love my coupon book. I'm almost positive it will as an entire year.
My favorite one is: Picking out meme's outfit.


Brooke said...

This is so beautiful Meghan. You are such an incredible mother.

Marilyn said...

Excellent advice - and many good reminders for me in there! You are a smart lady, Meghan.

Brieanne said...


I have to say I am dying to know what your biggest lie was!?!??!?!

Shaina said...

love that I was able to read this today of all days!

kim charie said...

just so darling and sweet. :)

Jocelyn said...

this sort of breaks my heart. the part about the big houses and lululemon sweatshirts. i live in a small house and don't own a single lululemon sweatshirt. raising kiddos is hard work on the heart. i think you are doing an awesome job. you and zeb.

rae said...

love this megs! xo


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