Thursday, May 3, 2012

8 Weeks!


Holy Moly. 8 Weeks. Really?

We have our little routine down and I have to say that week 8 brings way less fussies and way more smiles.

You are a little big weeny. You have this fake little weeny cry (you also have this blood raising outrageously loud cry). But for now, I think you might be a little weeny.
You are starting to talk. I love this!
And we think we hear a little laugh when you smile.

Your uncle called you a bowling ball, and that is just what you are. We still have no idea how much you weight. Guessing 13lbs.
3-6 months clothes are quite snug.

You love our daily walks.
Your sissy's laugh.
Your birthday balloon is your all time fav thing to look at.
And your daddy's hair.
And of course you love your momma's milky.

1 comment:

Loosy said...

8 weeks say what?!?! He's gorgeous Meghan. Such wonderful coloring and it sounds like the most perfect temperment. What a little (big) love.


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