Monday, May 7, 2012

2 months!

Today you are 2 months old! TWO months. I hate how fast this is all going.

Some changes since your 1 month update.

You are getting used to your car seat. This makes your momma so happy. You actually take your longest naps in that thing.

You are getting really good at tummy time. You don't fall asleep anymore.

We still don't know your percentiles and are dying to know. I'm guessing 90% weight, 70% height, 90% head.

You are big. This onsie is 3-6 months and it was a challenge to get it on.

You love your elephant mobile and could sit in your crib and kick your little chunky legs all day long.

It takes you a minute (or 15) to wake up from your naps...and until you fully wake up, you are a fussy pants.

You still love your baths and  being swaddled up.

You will take any binkie. We have three. One in your car seat. One in your crib and one next your changing table. All different brands, nips, sizes. I like this about you.

Your eyeballs are still blue. And your hair is coming in blond...

You are my little chubbas.
 I love you BIG time. You make my heart happy.


Jocelyn said...

love his hairline.. and how big he is! what a BIG love you have.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

You seem SO so happy!!!


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