Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A. Mazing

I keep going back and looking at these pics.

Briggs was so tiny.

We were a brand stinkin new family of 4.

Thank you Joc for capturing our family and all of Briggs' newness.

I really wish I was wearing something different! You also got a booby feeding pic of me AND I actually LOVE it, for someone who is was terrified of breast feeding....

You make stardust my friend.



Shamilicious said...

I comment all together too often on your blog...but seriously love these pics! Soooo amaaaaahhhhhzing!

Shaina said...

simply gorgeous. that pic of Ari and Briggs, are you kidding me? I got all teary eyed. such a perfect little family.

p.s. i love what you wore, because that is what was really going on around there I am sure. it tells the real story :)

Jocelyn said...

ha ha. you saw the breastfeeding pic. i just loved it. i LOVE that corner of your room so much. and it means something because it's what you do with your boy. as for what you are wearing. i loved it too. simple. easy. the earings were the best. and i loved your hair. i love these- thank you for rocking it out. as usual. and, for the record. you and zeb didn't even want to be in the pics. thanks for being in them. you are a beautiful (inside and out) family. i couldn't be happier for you all.

Suz said... these 4 peeps

Heather Conniff said...

SO, so great! amazing work, great pictures. you could canvas all of these you know, coming from someone who's a little obsessed w/canvas (me). all of these pictures are simply perfect. simple and perfect. he is SO loved. xoxo

Loosy said...

These are gorgeous!


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