Friday, April 13, 2012

The Backpack

I love searching through Ari's backpack.

There are all kinds of good finds in there. Letters from her friends, pieces of bark, little treasures she finds on the playground (that I always throw away)

This morning, while going through her school work from the week I found this little gem.

A is for animal Lover!!! Love m
R is for runner ---Fast---
I is for inopendenet. Smart!
A is for avancherous. I've gone threw a forest!
N is for never gives up on tests.
N is for no pets :(
A is for awsome cool :)

J is for joiful. Hip hip hurray!
O is for only one brother.(she drew a picture of a baby saying waaa waaa)
I is for in love with sports! Softball, basketball, soccer, football

I is for I love mustard
S is for smart. I'll tell you anything
S is for sintific. I love sience
A is for attitude is good (in my opion)

B is for Briggs, my little brother
L is for lots of stuffed animals. My room is full of them.
A is for actress when older
L is for lisner. I lisen to all your questions
O is for ola. I can speak spanish
C is for colorful cloths
K is for Kirkland. I live in Kirkland in 3rd grade.

I love it. Every bit of it is so true. I hate that she put no animals for N and LOVE that she put "ola" for hola. She definitely get her spelling from her momma.



Marilyn said...

So, so cute! (I love mustard too!)

Emily said...

Hahahahahahah - this is a riot. Love it!

Loosy said...

She is the best. What a love.

MrsAngieW said...

get that poor child a pet :)

Suz said...

Well that is just the best. Does not get better than that. I laughed and got blinky...ari is so amazing!!! An angel.

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...



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