Saturday, April 7, 2012

1 Month

Briggs! You are one (entire) month today!

Happy Birthday little man.

You are such a gift.
A little miracle is what you are and we are so blessed by your little personality.
Unless of course we are putting you in your car seat.

You are loud.
Loud at eating.
{just like your daddy}

You love to sleep on your momma and daddy's chest.
You wake up like clock work at 12am and 4am.
You go to bed at 8pm and it's a struggle to keep you up past 9pm.
I'm trying to push your bedtime later so we can push those night time feedings out.
You LOVE your baths.
Hate being cold.
Love the Bjorn.
Hate your swing.
(I think this goes hand in hand with the car seat).

For now. You do a lot of pooping, eating and sleeping.
The last couple of days you smile when you are awake!

Love you BZB.
My little man.


Turner Family Blog said...

Happy 1 month Briggs! Lots of love, sienna

Suz said...

Happy 1 month buddy!!! i love the white chair , chalk board pics. So crafty!

Jocelyn said...

omygosh. look how big he is getting! it always amazes me how much they can change in just 4 weeks. his dark hair and olive skin is awesome. love that you are loving all of him.


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