Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My piggies are about to explode out of my flats.


Mrs. Jamie Lane said...

Hi Meghan! We've never met but I stumbled across your blog a while ago through Brooke :) It is one of those blogs that I just love, so real! Congrats on your baby boy and thanks for the comment. I am actually slightly embarrassed to admit this but I saw you and your family walk by Cactus in Kirkland(where i am from and my parents live there) last summer and had to tell everyone I was with how I sort of "know" you. Of course my husband thought I was crazy. Anyways, thanks for making me chuckle with your posts!

Brieanne said...

OMG dying. time to push that little guy out!!! xoxo if you stretch your shoes out enough you can give them to LU and if you REALLY stretch them out to a size 11 you can send them this way :) xoxox

Lacy said...

Did you happen to notice that I was wearing flip flops during class last night??? Yea, I am right there with you :) I can wear shoes all day, but when I get home I want them off asap!

Meghan said...

Jamie! ha. love it. Love your blog too.

Brie, size 11!!

Lac, i didn't see the flops. but i did see your cuteness hair cut.


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