Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A blonde and Brunette, part two.

Coaster to the Boy!

Happy 2 Year Wedding Anniversary!

This last year has been so much fun{ok, minus my first trimester when I was, let's say....a little CRAZY} However, when I look back at last year and then how we I celebrated and going back to the year before that, I am filled...filled with all kinds of crazy emotions.

Two years!
We are rookies.
We are still learning.
We are still sometimes blown away at what the other person does. 
I still think you are the hottest guy in town {this will never change}.
However, you still are the loudest chewer I've ever met.

I'm really, really excited for the next year. For seeing you really grasp fatherhood, not that you haven't perfected it...but having a mini Zeb makes my heart smile. Can't wait to see you swaddle the little dude and then have me tell you it's not tight enough.

Thanks Zebediah Jack for being the dreamer. And letting me be the realist. Wink wink.

I've loved processing our big decisions together, disagreeing over them, then agreeing. Laughing a lot, crying (ok, only me), selling furniture too fast, buying new furniture, cars, making a baby, watching you coach Ari in multiple sports, getting new jobs, joining ALL our $, arguing over our $. Eating more food than we ever thought we would. But my all time favorite thing this past year has simply been the security of knowing you LOVE me. Despite all of me, you freaking love me. And that my Coaster Boy, baby's daddy, lover, best friend is the best gift a guy could ever give a girl. Thanks for loving me and making me feel loved {even when I'm 9 months prego, you make me feel pretty, pretty like a "butt I haven't seen move like that" kind of pretty}.

Happy 2 years Mr. B

I love you MUCHO. MUCHO.


Shamilicious said...

beautifully written my dear!!! Happy anniversary to my friends!

Sarah K said...

Happy Anny you two! What an exciting Spring you have ahead of you! :)

Meg said...

You two make a pretty cute duo. Happy Anny! You both make me smile. Like a big huge, gaping grin kind of smile.

Heather Conniff said...

LOVE that picture, I'm thinking canvas. Thank God you found each other, I cannot imagine you without Zeb or Zeb without you - I think they call that two peas in a pod. You absolutely compliment each other in amazing ways. Happy anniversary, kind of feels like yesterday that we were in the "back office" at ECC. :) XOXO

Jocelyn said...

congrats! it takes a whole lotta love.. and you two have that mastered. excited for your spring. it's gonna be a sight to behold!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Love ya'll!

Mrs. Jamie Lane said...

Happy Anniversary :)


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