Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This girl produces more snot than any other human being.

No joke.

Her poor little nose.

We are just sitting on the couch today.
I even made her an agenda (cuz that is what I do, and we both love lists)

Ari's Sick Day Schedule:
9-10am - TV
10am - Homework (1 page)
10:30am - Nap
12pm - Lunch (chx noodle soup, grilled cheese and orange slices)
1pm - Math Challenge Packet (1 page)
2pm - In house manicure/pedicure
3pm - Read 40 mins (since we didn't read last night)
4pm - TV
5pm - Laundry mat (our dryer is broken)


Marilyn said...

Awww. Wishing Lulu a speedy recovery.

Suz said...

OH NO!!!!! Sorry ari, poor thing. I love how she's trying to smile for the camera. What a sweetheart!


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