Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Must Haves

OK, alright...I just registered.
Said I wasn't going too, but after viewing my friend's registry that was full of only clothes I decided I should go ahead and bite the bullet and register away.

After about 1 hour...I've added three things.

1. Changing pad (travel bed to Zeb)
2. Changing pad covers
3. Multi use changing pads

I'm a super minimalist. I don't like things on the counter. I throw away a lot of stuff...weekly. Clean out my pantry monthly. You get the idea.

So spill the beans. What are your MUST HAVE baby items. A lot has changed in the last 9 years. 

What was it you couldn't live without, made your day loved...that kind of thing. I'm not talking about the baby teether or the play mat or activity gym. That is what Lulu is for...:) teehee.


Jocelyn said...

you have no idea how many gals are going to come out of the wood work. i did a post like this... and got like 50 comments:)and it was awesome. numero uno for me are the aden and anais swaddles (luke was swaddled til 6 months) and they are still his blankies. i could go on and on.. but i'll let others do that. xo

Carrie said...

I echo aden and anais swaddles, Ergo carrier, Halo SleepSacks and Earth Momma Angel Baby products.

If you plan to nurse - a really good pump (I prefer Medela), lots of breast pads and lanolin.

So fun to see people's musts!

Emily said...

black out curtains and a white noise machine.

The Gibson's said...

A good jogging stroller and FOR ergo. That sucker is ahhhmazing! I agree, you don't need much, just necessities. Oh, and boon squirt spoons for baby food, but that'll be a while.

kim charie said...

oh, i love this! i second a really good pump and the halo sleepsacks, total must haves. a bouncy ball (you laugh, but we couldn't live without it), and the nosefrida.

Sarah K said...

With my first, I loved the Swaddle Design blankets b/c they were huge, thick, soft and washed really well. With my second, I used only the Sleepsack Swaddles b/c he was squirmy and couldn't bust out of the velcro. With the second, you realize how little you really do need. ;) Oh, and we loved having both of our video monitors, but never really found a brand that was that great.

Suz said...

a babysitter so you can go out with your bff :)

Suz said...

that means zeb comes too!

MrsAngieW said...

Swaddle blankets, Ergo carrier (I must for Sammy since he had to be held ALL the time), and if you are breast feeding since you'll be working get a GOOD breast pump - you can even rent them at the hospital.

Shaina said...

if you are breastfeeding, pick up a few nursing tank tops from Target. They sell more $$ ones at maternity stores but since they will just have breast milk, spit up etc. on them stick with Target. I think they are $15 or under...

Love me some Burts Bees for my boy, used it from day one and still do 3 years later.

Ergo for Mama, and Baby Bjorn for Daddy

Costco wipes and spend the extra money and get Pampers Swaddlers. They were the only ones that he didn't leak through, (unless he was growing out of that size)

Gerber onesies, you can't go wrong

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Um I went to you for this list when I was preggers...but here's a really good list:

MereHennie said...

love your blog - you and your fam are SO cute!

here were my MUST haves:
- organic cotton diapers - not for diapers (too much work :)) but for burp clothes, pee outs, anything you need to wipe - they are THE BEST
- gum drop binkies - they are perfect from infant to toddler
- lots of white onesies
- aden & anias swaddles - fabulous and super cute
- aden an anias burp clothes - they are half moon shape, and fit perfect on a boppy or breast friend for nursing
- changing pads - lots of them since boys pee out ALL the time, as i mentioned above
- a carseat that just snaps and goes into a stroller - nothing better than moving a sleeping baby from the car to a store without having to wake them up

i am sure there are more - but those are the things i can think of!


Coug Gal said...

Blog stalker coming out :) - I could not get by without our ergo, Aquaphor instead of diaper rash cream, white noise (I just purchased an app on my Iphone instead of a machine - TM Soft), agree on can't have too many cloth diapers for burp clothes and blankets! We live in a small apartment in SF and agree we too will look back so warmly on our time snuggled together closely! :)

Meghan said...

Oh I'm loving this.

Shaina said...

adding to my list...

Alba un-petroleum jelly, not cheap but great for post circumcision and rashes

totally just forgot the other thing... dang it!

Kristi Thomsen said...

I agree with my sister. Nursing tank tops - I lived in them for what seemed like forever. Given, I had a July baby. An ergo - worth every penny. A sound machine - she loved it and so did I (helped drown out my husbands snoring) A good rocking chair, I spent many a night/day there. The only thing that would have been better was if it reclined. :)

Jocelyn said...

i lied. i'm adding. i'm going to tell you my 5 must haves (things i use everyday)... not in any order
mustella baby lotion - the best.
breastfriend not the boppy.
jaffy the giraffe (plays water sounds and stuff.- bennett and i love this noise thing as much as luke did when he was in our room)
-if breast feeding.. start using lanolin on your nipples now. i had no sore nipples and my boy ate. alot. great little tip
trumpette baby socks. loved these. still do

Brieanne said...

I'd wait on any lotions/diaper creams etc. I didn't ever use them on either of my kids, neither one needs lotion and neither one has ever had a diaper rash. I'd wait it and buy it after he gets here if he needs it. We love the California Baby Wash for baths.

Totally agree with the ergo - LOVE it.

I like the aiden blankets too but preferred the miracle blanket (google it). My kids could break out of the swaddle unless we used a miracle blanket.

Totally agree with blackout curtains and sound machine. Lifesavers.

TOTALLY agree that baby boys pee out all the time, I had NO IDEA. Riley didn't pee through one diaper but John pees through every single night. I was shocked when he was a newborn and almost 2 years later he still does it. I use the ultimate crib sheet and have to change it all the time.

We loved the arms reach co sleeper. I love co sleeping and this gave me peace of mind and is a safer way to co sleep. Skip the crib bumper, waste of money and they say it isn't safe.

I have never used it but i've heard raves about the FP rock and play sleeper.

Getting excited......

Brieanne said...

oh and get those little gloves or the shirts with the little goves that are attached because he'll scratch his face up when he's first born. I didn't know with Riley and she looked like she got in a fight with an ally cat when she was a week old.


kim charie said...

yep, i'm back too;) agree with brieanne on the lotion. wait on it big time. they don't need it. let their skin naturally soothe itself.
a good noise machine i found was at bed bath and beyond, it's loud. yah, i tried the 'let your child get used to the noises around you, she'll learn to sleep through it.' that obviously didn't work.
and we have the ergo, we love it now. but, it didn't work for her as a baby. way too big and the insert accessory you can buy was awkward. em loved facing out. she hated it in the beginning. had i known this, i would've gotten one that was reversible.
and that breastfriend was amazing. it does all the work for you. it's so handy at nighttime. i have one you can borrow if you want.
one more thing. find yourself a good comfy robe. i lived in mine.
so excited for you guys, xoxo!

Heidi Bruch said...

Ergo. Swaddle me's (with Velcro-so they can't bust out), and I would die without my bob revolution stroller. That's it. Amazing how much you can slime down with the second. Oh, and I second the jocelyns mustela lotiont. I am frugal, but this is one guilty pleasure you will never regret. Yes, I still stalk;)

Sarah K said...

Ok, I'm butting in again...boys do pee though major big time! Brieanne - if you're still battling this, try Select Kids Booster pads. They are just inserts that go into their overnight diapers and they totally work! No more sheet changing. Love 'em!

I love these posts. So fun to see what everyone finds invaluable! No mention of wine yet???

Sarah K said...

pee *through

Meghan said...

Thank you ladies! This is all so very helpful. They didn't have miracle blankies when ari was born, or noise makers, not even the nose frida thing...times have changed!
My registry is nice andfull of good useful products, thanks to you all!

Briggs 73 days dude...don't come any sooner. Momma.


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