Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bring it

6lbs in 2 weeks.

That is 3lbs a week, people.

I asked my doctor if that was a record.

I also realized last night was the first night (since I've been knocked up) that I didn't eat one cookie (or 6), no ice cream, or pieces of candy, not one bite of chocolate, I didn't even have hot chocolate with 40 marshmallows, or spoonfuls of nutela. 
I actually just ate my dinner and was done...for the first time in 7 months!

{I did have a bowl of ice cream and about 6 oreos after lunch though}

So my goal for the remainder of this pregnancy is to eat all my junk before 5pm. So if I want a gigantic bowl of cookies & cream with 6 oreos crumpled on top I can help myself...before 5pm.

I'm hoping that helps my rapid weight gain. 

And since I refuse to buy maternity clothes. This is one of my four outfits that I will be wearing until March 23rd.

Please note, Briggs's room coming together behind me.
His changing table and dresser.
Snuggled right up next to my bed.


Brooke said...

You look fab. And you gained 6 lbs because you NEEDED to gain 6 lbs. Eat up.

Shaina said...

I gained 10lbs in 4.5 weeks when I was pregnant with E. That is what a week and a half long road thrip will do to ya, eating healthy in the midwest is not possible!

Um, so, getting personal here. Are you guys in a two bdrm house or do you just want BBB's crib etc. in your room? I ask because our condo is 2 bdrms and it is a major concern of mine for when that time comes...

rock those 4 outfits, maternity clothes suck.

The Gibson's said...

Leggings were my BFF too. Oh, and I tore up the food during the holidays. Your feeding for two. The weight will fall off after BBB is born. Enjoy, don't stress about it. BTW...remember the post along time ago about how you wore a black boot and a brown boot to the mall? I told that story to someone the other day and it made me laugh. Love it. Your adorable.

Meghan said...

shaina...we live in a two bedroom condo ON THE THIRD FLOOR. It' isn't our most desirable situation, but we are gonna make it work until we can sell one of our condos. So until then four peeps in a two bedroom. It could be worst. :)

Katie! LOL! Zeb and Ari still bring that up to me. So funny.

Shaina said...

Meghan, it will totally work. I think I just over think about it too much, I am not even preggers and I stress about how it will be with two in our place.

Selling isn't an option for us at this point either so, I need to remain thankful for our 2bdrm condo, instead of whining that we don't have a bigger place.

Can't wait to see how BBB's corner turns out!

Heather Conniff said...

you look amazing for 7 months, gain more weight - I'm secretly wanting you to be bigger than I was, which may be impossible for you! Eat up, Briggs likes the tasty treats!! Almost there, SO excited to meet this lil guy. xoox

Jocelyn said...

it wasn't til heather just said you were 7 months.. .that i realized you are totally 7 months! you look fantastic! one day, when you are in a bigger space, with BBB and ari are all grown up- you and zeb will remember your little place with nothing but the best memories. it's perfect.

MrsAngieW said...

Jocelyn's right you will so love looking back at your time in this space with BBB and love it!


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