Friday, January 27, 2012

8 months

You are officially 8 months!
32 weeks old!
The size of a small pineapple!
17 inches!

Your daddy was amazed this morning at how your hiccups are so much stronger than they used to be. I love when he feels you move and says "did you feel that?" He's so in love with you already. We both are.

Your sister is getting pretty excited too, she already has your first girlfriend picked out and really LOVES hearing your heartbeat.

I'm sleeping pretty dang good.
Sugar is still my biggest weakness and your corner of the room is almost done!

My wedding ring is starting to get a little snug. My feet a little puffy and my cheeks, well, ummmm a little full.
And you see the only maternity jeans I'm wearing below (from Sissy) well I ripped them in half in the bootay.

Yep, that is all for you little little love nugget.


Heather Conniff said...

you look mini! those jeans got SOOOO much wear out of them, like probably 50 times.

Sarah K said...

8 months?! You look great!

Marilyn said...

Looking good, lady!

Brieanne said...

you are a teeny tiny little momma! beautiful! :)

Jocelyn said...

Can't wait for our session! I will get to see this belly up close and personal

Shaina said...

you are so stinkin cute and tiny, I am pretty sure I was your size at about 5 mos. when I was preg with Emmett.

Shamilicious said...

Briggs! I love it!!!! so excited for you guys!!!

HR Mom said...

You look amazing! I wish I looked like you at 8 months! Cannot wait to see what Briggs looks like. Congrats.


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