Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Treasure WHAT

Every year Coaster Boy makes Ari a treasure map to find her b-day gifts. This year, she had to use a compass to find her treasures!!
Oh the excitement!

Five steps SW to the DRY Dessert

Present in the dryer :)

8 passes NW to the Enchanted forest (aka Christmas tree)

Next up, east towards the porcelain thrown (bathroom)

And FINALLY to the Princess's castle to find the hidden ring (aka cell phone ringing)

ALL. GROWN. UP. and pure joy with her new little pantech slider.

After we had our treasure hunt, it was off to lunch with Coley Bear and Aunite @ Subway (per Ari's request)

And Blizzards for dessert!
Nice smiles Z and A
Nonnie came over to celebrate Christmas and B-day. Ari got Nonnie's very special chime bracelet from all the places she has been.
So very special.
I was a little jealous.
Up next HEDBANZ with Uncle and Nonnie {my new favorite game}

And a party wouldn't be the same without Suzy and Johnny there..

Oh Uncle

And the boys playing with Ari's new toys...

She made out really well.
And I think she deserves every single little thing.

Bring on 9, but please don't go too fast.


Jocelyn said...

she sure is pretty. love her smile

Heather Conniff said...

love the treasure hunt - so fun for her and probably you guys too. she's amazing - cannot believe she's 9 NOW!


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