Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ari's Christmas Letter

Ari wrote her grandparents (Aisha/Zuberi) her Christmas list last night. They tend to spoil her rotten with Christmas/Birthday gifts (she is their only grandbaby) and requested that she wrote them a letter.

She handed me the letter and I SOOO wish I took a picture of it {it's long gone in the mail now}.

The girl signed her letter and then put this:

PS. I would also like a starbucks gift card.

SAY WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is this person? Although, she did also have stuffed animals on her list as well...

I guess she can give me a call on her new celly when she's ordering up her Chai Tea Latte. We got her a phone for her bday. More for me...so I can check in with her when she's at all her stinkin slumber parties and play dates. And mostly because sometimes, when we drop her off at the bus and head to Seattle, it freaks me out.


Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

A phone and a Sbux card? Oh my word that girl is a lady!

Courtenay said...

She has your glow :)


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