Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Today, little lady of mine, you turned 9. And it totally feels like you are nine. You really do seem older to me. Maybe it was me yelling at you and your friends at 1am to get the heck to bed, or your new phone, or the earings in your ears...whatever it is, you seem older. You my little nugget are a pure joy. To all.
Your smile is bananas and it just keeps on getting better. You still play pretend animals with your friends and even though I do like this...I hate it at 1am in the morning. You LOVE Taylor Swift and your little stuffed animals. You got spoiled rotten this birthday/Christmas. Your biggest wish is still for a dog {someday Lulu, someday}.

I love you mucho. Like mucho, mucho. I can't wait for you to be a big sister!

Thank you for making the last 9 years so fulfilling and for allowing me see a whole other side of this world... I LOVE you more than you'll ever know my little lu.


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