Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New BBB Name Potentials!

  • Briggs Arizona Blalock (we both love Briggs, we met in Arizona)
  • Cruz Mill Blalcok (we wanted to steal Cruz from pat and heather...we just might. Zeb and I met on Mill Ave in Arizona)
Still on the table:
  • Jack Zimmerman (both our middle names)
Would LOVE to know your fav baby boy names. I just might steal it though so don't tell me if you don't want me to take it.

Boy names are hard!

pic from here


Shaina said...

I think boys names are the easiest to come up with! loving Briggs Arizona, but I am a fan of the family names as well. I gave Emmett my maiden name for his middle... Nelson is a new fav of mine, but I will update you because I come up with names constantly...

btw- you look amazing, and those boots are to die for!

Shawna said...

Boys names are so hard. I obviously love the names, Owen and Wyatt, but here are a few others that were on MY list. Not so much on Topher's. :)
Brogan, Jameson, Weston, Reed, Bodhi, Landon, Bronson, Everett, Liam, Colton, Bryson and Griffen. Good luck!!

The Gibson's said...

If Violet would've been a boy, she would've been Cruz. So, that's my vote. U can steal it....these tubes are tied:(

Brieanne said...

I saw Briggs or Jack - think of his future - what if he's going to be president, or a partner in a law firm, or the head of neurological surgery at a major hospical? I don't think I'd vote for a president named Cruz :) Just my two cents, but then again I have a son named John so take my opinion for what it's worth ;)

Brieanne said...

p.s. please excuse my awesome spelling - read it fast and it should make sense :) xoxo

Heather Conniff said...

love this and reading what other's say. I'm a huge fan of Briggs - it's different and I like that. I don't know any other Briggs. steal away, nothing wrong w/ that!

Jocelyn said...

i've got nothing. i'm boring. we chose luke... not so original- and never looked back. but i'm a huge fan of jack. just am. ask megan prentice. i think i kept telling her to name carson-- jack (ryan).

malia said...

Hey stalker here. I love names! My favorite boy ditty is Thijs (pronounced Tice). Don't love the crazy spelling but maybe Tyse? Tys? Tyce? Love love it. I also really love Briggs. And Jack. Have fun!


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