Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I wish everyone could have one.
Unfortunatly my brother didn't have one growing up!
But he had ME and my sister.

I've been blessed by probably the coolest, meanest, toughest, biggest brother anyone could ask for. I mean, I'm pretty sure we all say that about our brothers.
But mine tops yours.

Benefits of growing up with a big brother:
  • His hand me downs make a pretty awesome looking little sitter
  • You'll always know gross terminology guys use: FUPA, skinny fat, butter face, I can't even name some....
  • He'll total your car, but in return...buy you a better one
  • You'll have bruises from endless punches and dead legs
  • You'll run out of gas on the way to school more than once
  • He'll beat up any guy that puts his hands on you
  • You'll get great Christmas gifts: thigh masters, robotic fish tanks
  • He'll fart in the car. Lock the windows and blast the heat.
  • Maybe, he'll tackle you, hold you down and have a loogie hang long enough to almost touch your nose
  • Your boyfriends will fear him
  • April fools day will always be eventful
  • You'll find his boogers everywhere (on the wall even) oh and gum
Happy Birthday Patrick!
In honor of Movember.
 And just because...


The Gibson's said...

I remember his red truck being found on the side of the road everywhere bc he'd always run out of gas. Haha. Good list!

Heather Conniff said...

this cracks me up, all soooo true!!! :) xoxo


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