Wednesday, October 12, 2011


How the heck are you supposed to wear these shoes?

Am I supposed to roll up my jeans a little? Not wear them with jeans?

I bought two pairs of these shoes and I can't figure them out.



Brieanne said...

Sorry dude - I have no idea (big shocker). I always text Lauren with those sorts of questions - that's who I'd ask :)

Carrie Miller said...

Jeggings, leggings or cuff skinnies or more fitting boyfriends :). It is impossible to find super skinny maternity jeans, so jeggings work well.

The Gibson's said...

Leggings, skinnies, I love wearing my booties with cuffed baggy boyfriend jeans. They feel awkward at first, but you'll love them. Also, with tights and dresses. You look adorable!

Meghan said...

ok, thanks ladies! I think i need to just get used to them :) And need to purchase some more leggings/tights/dresses/ the skinny jeans are not working for me.

Heather Conniff said...

you look cute - did anyone walk in on you in the bathroom during your photoshoot? I would LOVE to see taking these pics in the mirror. Are those my boots?

Meghan said...

Funny Sissy. And yes, since you said my fat feet can keep em...i did.

See what you are missing out on?!?!?


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