Friday, September 23, 2011

This week

All these shoes have arrived at my house.....I blame my company.

Problem? Maybe?
Now all I really need is a belly band and I'll be set for the fall.
Please note Coaster Boy, I'm returning one of the shorties...just couldn't decide on color.
I'm thinking grey after I saw this line up.


Shaina said...

I have the brown ones that are 2nd from the left, but I am loving the black ones and of course the cowboy boots... I heart boot season.

The Gibson's said...

I heart amazon so much! Such cute boots. I think you should keep them all, even the grey. I've been loving grey shoes lately!

The Gibson's said...

Ps. I have a black belly band I can put in the mail for u. I obis won't be wearing it. Send me your address.

Meghan said...

KATIE! You are so sweet. I bought one at target this weekend. LOVE IT. Thanks for offering!


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