Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My homies

24 hours in Chelan for Suzy's bro's wedding.
Great wedding. Beautiful people. Lots of laughs and I have to say for not drinking I had a fabulous time. 

Here is my favorite picture of the night
This guy just realized Heather has a bump, and then asked if it was real.



Heather Conniff said...

LOLOLOLOL! so much fun - how was 24 hours so much fun, we need to do that more often. I'm still recovering from the calf cramps from YOUR Tom's wedges. I recall Suzy saying to that same guy "quit talking and continue dancing w/ me" as her patient husband just sat, watched and smiled at his bride (suzy).

Jocelyn said...

i love this. such cute charlie's angels.

Suz said...

hehe you two were the absolute much fun! and I will just say, my two awesome prego friends and i were the last to leave the par-tay. yes, they still got it. love you girls! xoxo


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