Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Guy

Happy Birthday Coaster to the boy.

32 things I love about you:
Your hair
That you love to have lunch dates with me
How you drive like a grandpa
That you quiz Ari on her math (even over summer)
Your third nipple
How you make me feel oh so loved
How loud you talk (ok maybe I don't LOVE that)
Your sleep mask
How you love to cook
and that you FOLD all our clothes
That you smell your hands all the time
How we grow a little with our little talks
That you will take anyone up on an offer for anything
How you get anxious when flying
That you are always up for anything
That you love to spend time with others
How you always ask me what I want to do with my life (Africia?!?!)
How you remind me that I need to take a deep breath (a lot)
How you have NO butt 
That you copy all my little sayings and claim them as your own
Your sense of direction, or lack of...
Your love of concerts
How you munch every night at 10pm
That you never really pee
Your love for sports
and your fun facts about every sports person since 1927
Your toes
When you buy clothes for me
For coaching Ari in softball
That you love your ray bans with a passion
And lastly, for understanding me, and loving me despite of it.

Happy Birthday Zebediah Jack. May this year bring lots and lots of new, exciting things!
All my love in this huge world,
(oh and I love it when you call me Meg)


Jocelyn said...

so great! i learned so much about zeb.i love that he buys you clothes. so sweet.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Channeling Friends' Chandler Bing: It's not a 3rd nipple ... it's a nubbin!!


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