Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Peace Out 2nd Grade!

Dear Lulu Bear,
In your second grade year of school, of your 7 and 8 years of grew 2 shoe sizes! You made a ton of new friends (Bridget, Ellie, Julia). You learned how to subtract triple to barrow, how to tell time on a "not numbered clock" read full on chapter books, and write very detailed stories. You ran half a marathon at school! You did your first printed out reports. You had your first slumber party at our house!

What I love about all of this, is you LOVE school. And your teachers. You always check out the same books at the library {Fairy Books}. You still love animals. Today you asked if you could take your bear to school.  You aren't too cool for stuffed animals {I always was}. You are a slight hoarder...your back-pack scares me a little. You can out eat me. You wear my shoes to school. You are amazing, in every single little way. Your snuggle buggles, your obsession with TV, your outfit you do your crazy pitch motion {with anything: headband, golfball, rock, sock} everywhere we go. You are almost beating me in races. I do not like this, one bit. Little Lu, you make me proud. You are so easy going. You don't stress over anything...nothing. You might cry because you can't get a large blizzard, but you never stress.

Happy last day of 2nd grade. I'm excited for summer!

Love Your,

Last day of 2nd grade!

Name: Arianna Joi Issa-Blalock
Best part of second grade: learning about insects. My favorie insects is the butterfly, treehopper and catterpillar.
My favorite memory is: farting in calss but luckly no one heard and the sub was here.
Three important thinkgs i learned this year were: 1. regrouping with substraction 2. reading faser for example I can read 1 page in 2 minutes. 3. making new friends
My favorites:
Subject: Science
Book: A dog named Kitty
Sport: Softball and basketball
Movie: Megamind
Food: Burgers
Color: Blue and green
Star: Taylor Swift and Adele
Song: You belong to me and Rolling in the deep
Person I admire the most is: selin, my mom and ms. nease because they are all beautiful ladys and t hye are very kind.
When I grow up I want to be a: vet
One thing that I would never want to give up is: is my stuffed animal bear bear
If I could help make this world a better place I would: Go Green
My Plans:
Next year: I will be smarter
In Five Years: I will be independant
In 20 Years: I will own a puppy and have the job of a vet.


Heather Conniff said...

I'm teary, Ari you make SO many of us SO proud. You are such an amazing example to so many people and you have impacted all of our lives in the VERY best way - you Ari, are a shining ray of light. I am SO excited for you to enter 3rd grade. Thank you for letting Cole slaw copy you and follow you, give him a few more years, then you can be TOO cool. Keep reading, sharing and crying over small blizzards. Love you sweet girl - auntie heather.

Brooke said...

Wow Meg. What an amazing daughter. All because of an amazing mother. I loved this. Congrats to your little lulu on kicking second grade's booty!

Suz said...

very teary


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