Friday, June 24, 2011

On the daily

Since you all love my daily outfits so much...{NOT}I consolidated them all into one post.

So happy it's Friday.

This week at's been better...way better.
Not sure if I am numb to it or enjoy the fact that I can arrive/depart whenever I please. I can track my daily outfits. No one seems to need my help, or assistance for that  matter. Or  maybe it's just because I can meet my hot hubby for lunch.
Who knows.
But this's iight.

Monday- Ross shirt, Gap Jeans, Macy Clogs
Tuesday - BP shirt, Forever21 jeans, Toms
Wed - Urban T, BP jeans. AE Belt, Wedges Nordies
Thurs - Limited Blazer, Nordies Rack blouse, BP Jeans; Heals Steve Madden
Fri- Nordies Rack Swoopy sweater, Gap Jeans, Jesus sandles DSW

Doing this makes me realize how cheap I am! All my jeans are under $80. Shoes under $50. Zeb, you are one lucky coaster boy.


Brieanne said...

I am cheap too but YOU are fashionably cheap - you should do blog posts on your fashionable and afforable shopping finds!

Jeni said...

Very cute! I love all of your different hairstyles. Very inspiring!!

Shaina said...

Love your Thurs. BP jeans, what brand are they? I think I have seen them on

Meghan said...

Shaina! the bp jeans are big star. favorite jeans ever.


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