Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Suzy always gets Lulu books for her bday and Christmas. I love it.

We have been reading through them and they've all been pretty great. But the one we are currently reading, had me crying tonight. I looked over at Lu and she said "it's ok meme, it's sad"

I don't want to put it down...  

It might be a little over Lu's 2nd grade thinking, but I don't think she'll ever forget the story. I know I won't, and we are only on chapter 13.

If I was still in book club, this would be my book. Fifth grade reading and all. xoxox


Kim said...

I read a lot of fifth grade books since I teach fifth grade and I can tell you that A LOT of the books I have read are some of the best books I have ever read. Who says you gotta get wordy and smartsy to tell a good story?

That author also wrote Stargirl which some of my students just read in their book club. Yep, book clubs in fifth grade. Start em young. When you take away the wine you actually end up talking about the book quite a book. HA!

Brieanne said...

maybe you should consider a guest appearance or two since some of us (i.e. me) only get to see you at book club :(

i loved LOVED reading when I was her age - it was all I did, dorky maybe but I loved it :) and I still do!!


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