Sunday, February 27, 2011

One of these things, is not like the other

We took about 10 of these to get the right coloring.
We had to shift some people around....set up different flashes.
Stick the chin out, fluff up the hair.
With drinks stuffed in our coats/purse.
Puffers on.
And our husband avoiding us in the theatre.
We enjoy a photo shoot.
And that is what I love about these girls.
They'll cooperate with me.

Not very often do the six of us (Zeb, Meg, Pat, Heather, Suzy and Johnny) get together just us.
And I have to say, I liked it...I loved it.

Guess which drink is mine?


Brieanne said...

water bottle :)

Heather said...

LOVE IT, so much fun! WE must do that more often. I think I could have continued the photo shoot & missed the movie:) XOXO

Suz said...

i need a spray tan asap


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