Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Have you ever?

Been to a doctor with your child? You as the patient?

Well, lucky me! I was today. 

We (Lulu and I) got allergy tested. Ari is allergic to nothing...I however...well you'll see.

So the doctor is asking me a ton of questions about my symptoms and concerns and I openly share. He asked me if I ever throw up from eating anything and I said no, I never throw up.

Lulu shouts out. YOU THREW UP this weekend.

He looks at me with concern, you threw up? (Yes, I did indeedy)

I look at lulu and said, yes, yes I had a horrible headache...and ralphed.

He then asks me 25 questions in regards to me throwing up and having a headache. Little did he know, I had too much vino the night before.

When he looked in my ears...Lulu looked in my ears. When he had me take deep breath, she told me to breath louder. He looked in my throat, so did she!

So, if you want to be really honest with you doctor. Bring your child. They'll make sure your doctor is aware of every little single thing, even the need to tell him that I yell ALL. THE. TIME.  He laughed. And I said yes, I yell when people don't listen or clean their rooms!

I'm allergic to
Cats, dogs and pretty much every tree. Good thing we live in the Evergreen State. Oh yes, and dust mites. Awesome.

Happy Love Day # 9 my chickens.


Lauren Carlton said...

Oh no. Join the club :(. Isnt it awful sitting during the test, watching while the hives just grow and grow and you can't itch them!?? The worst!

Sarah K said...

Great story. Dang our kids and their brutal honesty. Sorry about the allergies too. That doesn't seem too pleasant of a test...

Heather said...

Hilarious! I can just picture Ari saying these things and looking at you in wonder. I thought for some reason dairy would not be your friend. Fun experience, although you got pricked.

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Hahahaha wow.

HR Mom said...

You just made me laugh out loud! Kids say the darndest things!! We should all get allergy tested as well. Your arm looks brutal!


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